Should I do another set of this Help quick?

Answer You don't want to be overworking yourself too much because your muscles won't get chance to repair. You don't need to do any more sets tonight. Have a rest and if you feel like you can do the same ... Read More »

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''free laptop scam''...this will help us all on here...have a quick read...?

That's a laugh you got one as an answer! Yes and they piss me off as well. I've been on and on to Yahoo to have Moderators on here so they can get them off as soon as they appear!

Need help quick just come up on my avg have 6 trojan horses spy d whats this mean what can i do?

I`m also a computer Technitian. Do as the guy says, and just delete them. However, he says they won`t be on the hard drive anymore. Ha ha, they will, its just there won`t be any reference to the... Read More »

Please help me decide with this Laptop PC. Should I purrchase this one?

Its a Good Choice if You are lite user.. and I Don't thing you will have any problem with it Until You fall for heavy games..

How do I fix an IP address conflict with another system on my computer Or who should I contact for help?

Every IP must be unique, your machine has the same IP as another on the network.If the Addresses are assigned with DHCP simply click on start/run, type cmdnow type ipconfig /release, then ipconfig ... Read More »