Should I delete my relative off Facebook?

Answer If you are homosexual then you probably shouldve already told your parents about it. If this is how you actually feel then they should be okay with it. and if theyre not then its their loss.They ne... Read More »

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Should I delete my Facebook?

yeah same with me to when i get a notification i get so excited and when i open it to see it ends up being a farmville request or my mother who is the only one likes my status lol

Should i delete him off facebook?

Yes:#1 You are too distracted and need to move forward#2 Its not fair to your next boyfriend for you to be friends or still attached to your ex.

Should I delete my ex off facebook?

Definitely, delete him.Not out of spite, but just for your own good.It will help you to get over him; out of sight, out of mind.Don't let yourself spend your time on his and this other girl's faceb... Read More »

Should I delete my ex boyfriend off of facebook :$?

You should delete him. Having an ex, whom you no longer associate with, as a Facebook friend is awkward. It's obviously making you feel uncomfortable and causing you to worry about something(and so... Read More »