Should I delete my MySpace for Facebook?

Answer delete the myspace because that might force your friends to get to facebook. Also, facebook is for mature people. As you grow older, more and more will switch to facebook. You just look so much mo... Read More »

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Addicted to Myspace!! I want to get away from myspace...i don't want to delete my account but...?

when trying to quit anything, you have to wean off of it slowly. if you just quit one day then you'll have the strongest urge to go back to it the other. limit your time on the computer, chopping o... Read More »

When i delete my msg off my facebook on my computer they wont delete off my fone help?

not sure what a "fone" is - maybe you mean a "phone"?when you delete messages, they arent actually deleted, they are archived, until you also delete the archive.... did you do that?btw, it doesnt d... Read More »

How can I delete e-mails on gmail and how can I change my facebook settings so facebook dosen't e-mail me?

Using the same tab ou use to log out, go to account settings. Over to the left of the screen, there is a link called notifications. You can click that and uncheck what you don't want them to send y... Read More »

How do I delete cookies from MySpace?

In Internet ExplorerPress the "Start" button on the left side of the taskbar. Type "inetcpl.cpl" in the "Start Search" form field. Press "Enter" on the keyboard. Navigate to "General", "Delete", an... Read More »