Should I delete my MySpace for Facebook?

Answer delete the myspace because that might force your friends to get to facebook. Also, facebook is for mature people. As you grow older, more and more will switch to facebook. You just look so much mo... Read More »

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What should i get Myspace or Facebook?

you can't get either.........but you can use either of them.

Do you think i should delete my myspace account coz there's someone cyberbullying me!!!!HELP!!!!?

Hit the abuse button at the bottom of your page and report it. You must block the person so that he cannot communicate with you further

Should I delete my ex off facebook?

Definitely, delete him.Not out of spite, but just for your own good.It will help you to get over him; out of sight, out of mind.Don't let yourself spend your time on his and this other girl's faceb... Read More »

Should i delete him off facebook?

Yes:#1 You are too distracted and need to move forward#2 Its not fair to your next boyfriend for you to be friends or still attached to your ex.