Should I cut my pinky off?

Answer are RIGHT, we have no middle "finger"just a thumb and four fingersso, no reason to start cutting:+)pinky SAVED

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My daughter had her pinky fingertip amputated should I sue?

What is fair is you taking the blame for not teaching your daughter how to operate a door. I's a door. She will have to use doors pretty well her whole life so at the age of SIX she shoul... Read More »

How long should a fractured pinky bone be in a splint?

On One Hand: Splints Offer StabilityIt generally takes about four to six weeks for a fractured pinky bone to heal in a splint. The splint will keep the finger immobile and provide stability. It is ... Read More »

Pinky toe is swollen?

most likely its the shoes. i had a similar problem not long ago and used the info on this site to help me hope that helps with your problem

Is my pinky toe broken?

See your health care provider as soon as possible (podiatrist), for consultation. During the physical exam, your doctor will check for points of tenderness in your toes. He or she will also check t... Read More »