Should I cut my hair into a pixie cut now or wait until I've started college?

Answer If you know that a pixie cut is what you really want I say do it now. Plus summer is the perfect time to cut your hair. I'm actually getting a pixie cut soon and going into college as well. I can't... Read More »

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How Long Should I Wait Until Swimming After Bleaching My Hair?

Asexual reproduction, or reproduction utilizing the genetic material from only one parent, occurs throughout nature in both plant and animal species. In some species it is the regular method of rep... Read More »

If one of your wisdom teeth just started growing out do you have to wait until it is fully out to get it removed?

Your Dentist can extract it either way. No you don't have to wait The dentist can extract a tooth even if it's not completely erupted.Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt completely from lack of spa... Read More »

Should I buy the Nokia Lumia 900 now or should i wait until the newer model comes out this fall?

You could get the Lumia 900 and have Windows Phone 7.8, which has all the features of Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft were able to put on Windows Phone 7 phones. However, there is a reason it's so c... Read More »

Should I go to the ER or is it ok to wait until Monday?

I answered your question about this the other day. If your pain is getting worse any doctor will advise you to go to the ER. This is the only thing that they can say to help you as well as protect... Read More »