Should I cross clamp the descending aorta?

Answer No, duh! Do you know what the descending aorta does? Maybe you do and this is a joke.

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What happens to the air temperature of a descending air mass?

The temperature of a descending air mass increases. Temperature, pressure and water vapor content are all nearly constant across a given air mass, but these all change as an air mass either ascends... Read More »

What Happens to the Air Temperature of a Descending Mass of Air?

The vertical movement of air masses helps determine local weather conditions, with rising air typically cooling and often forming overcast skies and sometimes active precipitation. The opposite ten... Read More »

Ascending & Descending Musical Terms?

Musical instruments capable of producing different pitches -- such as the human voice, piano, flute, viola or trombone -- can play patterns of pitches that either ascend or descend. Ascending pitch... Read More »

Aorta Enlargement?

The aorta, the largest artery in the body, supplies oxygen-filled blood throughout the body. Once the aorta enlarges, it loses its ability to contract and relax when blood is pumped. Aorta enlargem... Read More »