Should I continue seeing him?

Answer Yes, he seems like a whole lot of fun.

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Would you continue seeing a TCM doctor who smoked?

It is very common for Chinese men to smoke. It is a cultural thing.Just be happy you have a good TCM doctor and don't worry about his smoking habit.

If you live in New Jersey and your 14- and 11-year-old do not want to continue seeing their father for supervised visitation what can you do to help them?

Answer If the father has to have someone to supervise the visitation with his children then something is very wrong in the first place. Either he was abusive physically or mentally with the childr... Read More »

Should i continue to put money in my 401(k)?

On One Hand: You need to cut back on lifestyleWhen considering stopping 401(k) contributions you should ask yourself why you need the money. Continuing to contribute to your 401(k) will better serv... Read More »

Should I continue playing Piano?

All things run their course. Friendships, relationships, interests. If you have the power to make the decision, never do anything you don't want to. You have a short term and long term goal and it ... Read More »