Should I contact child welfare regarding vegan children?

Answer Hi FHG! I see you're back from your enforced 1 week vacation (suspension). The prions must be really eating your brain now since you asked this same question last year or is it that you have a case... Read More »

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Is the welfare of the child more important than the right of the biological parents who have given that child up for adoption?

Answer Yes, the welfare of the child always comes first and thank God for that! Children are not dolls you take off a shelf and dust off to play with, but little human beings that need to be loved... Read More »

If a parent is a vegan and insists on forcing his/her child to exist on a vegan diet ....?

I depends on whether or not the child is meeting proper weight and is healthy. As for forcing your lifestyle on your child, I'm not for that...We have made the choice to let our son choose his own ... Read More »

Is it your responsibility to contact your child's father if he has a history of violent behavior and he knows how to contact you?

AnswerAs custodial parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child is maintained even if he can contact you. You want to maintain the "be... Read More »

What is the welfare of the child?

its being. looking out for best intrest making sure its clothed fed properly etc..having a good life and so on how its doing mentally phisically emotionally etc