Should I consolidate my student loans at 6.8%?

Answer If you borrowed the money after July 1, 2006, then the loans are at a fixed interest rate. They won't go up or down. The only reason you would want to consolidate is if you have loans through multi... Read More »

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What is a good student loan lender to consolidate student loans through?

I am assuming these are federal student loans. Federal student loans (stafford, plus, etc) have to be serviced in accordance of what he US Dept of Ed says. This is what consolidastion does regardle... Read More »

The Best Places to Consolidate Student Loans?

Upon graduating, many students have loans that must be repaid. Whether the loans are federal or private, loan consolidation can ease the burden of paying these debts. Consolidation combines all loa... Read More »

Who would be the best company to consolidate my student loans?

You should go with the federal government. I believe you can find information about their loan consolidation on the department of education website or you can just google "federal loan consolidatio... Read More »

Can I consolidate both private and federal student loans together?

On One Hand: Consolidate Separately to Save Money.Federal and private student loans are not eligible to be combined together under federal consolidation loan plans. Federal student loans generally ... Read More »