Should I clean my teeth after I give a BJ?

Answer Is it Mexican specimen?

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Can Tongue Piercings Give You Bad Teeth?

A tongue ring is a piece of jewelry that is pierced through the tongue, and must be worn there constantly. Because it is a hard piece of jewelry that is kept in the mouth, there are some health ris... Read More »

Do they give you Vicodin after wisdom teeth surgery?

Your dentist may prescribe any number of pain medication or even none. I personally did not take pain medication after tooth removal and experienced very little pain after wisdom teeth removal all ... Read More »

After you get your wisdom teeth takin out what do they give you for pain and how long does it take to heal up?

When I Had mine out it took about 2 weeks to feel completely better. And what they give you for pain depends on how complicated the procedure is.

Do you always clean your teeth before going to bed?

It has been known for me to go to bed before cleaning my teeth, but I always make ammends.