Should I choose abortion because I have cancer?

Answer Wow, I feel for you, I can relate to your feeling of, "Should I do this,(Especially since this is life or death thing...) I honestly think..(I might sound a bit self-fish right now..but save your-s... Read More »

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Will I have any children because I love kids and want to have them I am a cancer and I'm 30?

To the mentally warped confused people who support abortion. Have you heard that it can cause breast cancer?

Being as staunchly anti-abortion as the next I must take issue with this balderdash...My wife of 21 years who never had an abortion, tried for that length of time with me to be blessed with a child... Read More »

Do I have skin cancer now because I used whitening lotion please help! :(?

Using for 3-4 months your chances are slim. Usually directions will say it may develop after long term use or continued use and you may not have used it long enough to develop cancer. Has the lot... Read More »

Im 13 and i have cancer im not lying you know just because i speld a word wrong?

My 13-year-old daughter writes and spells better than this . . . and her first academic language is Chinese! 1. Your parents know more than you do. They probably don't know you are spending time ... Read More »