Should I charge my iPhone and iPad every night?

Answer To optimize battery life, only charge it when it is low.

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Should I buy an iphone 4 now or wait for the iphone 5 PS I have the 1st gen iPhone so i wanna new phone but w8ing seems better because they keep releassing new models every year which is annoying?

Depends, if you really want the iPhone 5 then you should get it if you don't mind spending more money on it. I'd wait.

Should I turn I computer off every night?

The longer a computer stays on, the longer it builds up dust inside, which can reduce cooling efficiency of the cooling fans. Heat buildup can destroy the electronic components, especially memory a... Read More »

Should I turn my computer off every night?

Turning it off is a good idea. This will reset all running processes and help to prevent your motherboard from burning out.

How long should a Belkin IPAD 2 cover take to charge?