Should I cast Jar Jar Binks to play God in my upcoming movie about the bible?

Answer JarJar is alittle out of your budget range... his airfare alone would top 10 billion.;)

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Who do you think should play Michael Jackson in a movie about his life?

Well, we need a white guy who molests children, and has an artificial nose to play the "new" MJ. And for the actual King of Pop black guy, I don't know...Denzel Washington?

How to Get a Cast for a Movie or a Play?

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How Should I Write a Letter to Parents of Children at School About an Upcoming Event?

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I have a piece of led about less than .6 cm. inside my cast, should I be worried?

No problem.What you call 'lead' is just graphite and ceramic, and is not toxic.Do try to avoid the scratching though. It's easy to get an infection under there, and those can be a problem.