Should I cancel/postpone my Sweet 16 Party because of my cold?

Answer yes, postpone the 16 party. chances are you are probably going to vomit and if you put makeup on people will know that something is wrong. you will not enjoy the party as much as you should enjoy it.

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What should I do for my small sweet 16 party?

I just attended a sweet 16 birthday party in the birthday girls house not too long ago. Her patents catered the food and hired a instant photo booth which I thought was creative and impressive. The... Read More »

Should I dress up for my sweet 16 birthday party?

If you are going to dress p have everyone else do it, otherwise you will look weird when you go out.

What should i do for my sweet sixteen birthday party?

Save your money, have your Mom drop you off at the mall, all day, eat, talk, look around, walk, spend the day together. enjoy your friends, enjoy the moment. It would be really nice to invite your ... Read More »

What should I serve for dinner at my sweet 16 party?

First of all, I wouldn't make the party any longer than 2½ hours! Let it be over w/ them wanting more, not wishing it were over!Go Italian!Baked LasagnaCaesar SaladGarlic BreadBirthday CakeIce Cream