Should I call this random stranger who says he found my stolen car (Police help appreciated!)?

Answer Go there with the cops. Never go there alone. It's bad where I live, which is not even close to where Compton is on the scale of scariest to nicest. If you do decide to call the guy back at leas... Read More »

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What happens if insurance replaces stolen items then the police recover and return the stolen items to you?

AnswerI recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods

How to Call a Stranger on the Phone?

A lot of times you have to call someone on the phone that you've never met in real life.  When you do, it can be scary or awkward.  Here's how to make it less so.

Should I Report Stolen Keys to Police?

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How to Get a List of Stolen Items From the Police Station?

As a taxpayer, you have the right to monitor the activities of your local police department, including the recovery of stolen property. Public records include things like officers' department stati... Read More »