Should I buy a vinyl record player?

Answer Only you can answer this!I've been into vinyl ever since I was old enough to walk over to the record player without falling on my a**, and I now have thousands of records. Asking me why I like viny... Read More »

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Do you own a RECORD PLAYER of HI-FI One that yo ustill play vinyl rocords on?

I have a 1960's era turntable (45's and 33's) I also maintain a working 1917 Victrola for 78s (which are more reliable than newer 45's and 33's ironically). There's just something about listening t... Read More »

What kind of record player should I get?

While there is sometimes a nostalgia value to 8-track tapes, I strongly suggest that you give up on them immediately.Unless you recorded your own tapes, you can probably find the same material on (... Read More »

How to Record a Windows Media Player Movie on a DVD to Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Windows Media Player movies are video files in the specific format encoded for playback in the Windows Media Player program. If you want to watch the movies on your TV with a regular DVD player, yo... Read More »

Software to Record Vinyl to CD?

If you have a collection of vinyl records, there may come a time when you want to listen to them on CD and not just at home. Digital audio technology is in a constant state of evolution, making it ... Read More »