Should I buy a mouse and keyboard when I buy a tablet/ipad?

Answer Would highly recommend a cheap laptop over an iPad.However, if you are keen on the iPad, using the keyboard can be super efficient.

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Is there a way I can use my keyboard instead of my mouse.?

Yes you can configure your numberpad on the keyboard and use it scroll the mouse around.

Can I use a Mac Keyboard/Mouse for my PC?

NOit will not. if you fell i am having a nervose breakdown i probobly am. it wont work at all. you can go to some computer shop's and buy a simular put not a MAC one.People, if you don't know don't... Read More »

Which one is more useful Keyboard or Mouse?

When you use graphics software mouse is must.When you use writing software Keyboard is must.

How am I going to fix USB and keyboard + mouse?

With the problems you have I think you need to have a tech to check it out for you...