Should I buy a mouse and keyboard when I buy a tablet/ipad?

Answer Would highly recommend a cheap laptop over an iPad.However, if you are keen on the iPad, using the keyboard can be super efficient.

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Should I get the Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Mouse?

Stick with the Windows keyboard, and go for the Magic Mouse.

Ants inside my keyboard and mouse. What should I do?

in the old days, dry cleaning fluid was what was used to clean electronic equipment... i think i heard they required a new chemical away from chlorofluorocarbons, i don't know if the new chemical ... Read More »

I bought a new mouse, and this morning I found some droppings on my keyboard. Should I take it back?

When i turn on my computer i get no response from the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. is it the mboard ?

A couple key ways to make sure...1) Does your LCD lights signifying the processor is processing (usually when you start your computer or open a program) flicker at all?2) Do you hear your harddrive... Read More »