Should I buy a iPhone 3gs or wait for the next generation?

Answer yes you can, you dont have to buy a new simcard when you buy a new iPhone

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Should I wait for the iPhone 5 announcement next week?

Yes, anyone who buys an iPhone now is stupid, and wasting their money on a product that is already going to be the older model in less than one weeks time.

I asked my mom 4 a iPhone for Christmas but she say that I should wait until next year when I get a upgrade ?

every year apple releases new models always best to wait seeing most carriers let you update only once monthly

What will the next generation of the iPhone beyond 3G be?

Should I buy an iphone 4 now or wait for the iphone 5 PS I have the 1st gen iPhone so i wanna new phone but w8ing seems better because they keep releassing new models every year which is annoying?

Depends, if you really want the iPhone 5 then you should get it if you don't mind spending more money on it. I'd wait.