Should I buy a i-pod or a phone?

Answer phone. you can listen to music on that aswell. Cant make calls with a ipod

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Do you think a daughter that is 10 should have a cell phone. She wants a phone?

She probably wants a car too. My only suggestion(if she is responsible) at max is have an extra phone that when shes gone somewhere you can contact her on. Theres truly no need for a 10 year old to... Read More »

Can anyone survive without a mobile phone.idiots driving on phone should be locked up?

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hate it when those idiots come into my business and their cell phones keep ringing non stop. (making drug deals in many cases)The UK has a "Phone Buster" that will null... Read More »

I need to get a new phone which phone from verizon should i get?

ok so first the bad phones to stay away from Samsung Juke bad phone breaks way to fast any and all motorola phones there all bad break to fast bad calling and volume and just a bad phone ok so that... Read More »

What att phone is better iPhone or the lg vu you love music and texting So which cell phone should you choose?

the iPhone is obviously better because all the app the web browser and i tunes on your phone its also full touch touchscreen keyboard so i would choose the i phone its the best phone on the market ... Read More »