Should I buy a house where termites were found?

Answer On One Hand: Termites Might Come BackTermites eat wood and can cause the need for expensive repairs to the foundation of a house. According to Orkin, termites do $1 to $2 billion in total damage ea... Read More »

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Where are compass termites found?

Compass termites are native to Australia. They earned their common name of "compass" termites from the construction of their termite mounds. These mounds are constructed to take full advantage of t... Read More »

How to Tent Your House for Termites?

When you notice you have wood damage to your home, fumigation may be your only option for getting rid of termites. Termites eat away at wood throughout the home, weakening the foundation and frame.... Read More »

Do House Termites Have Wings?

Homeowners are often troubled to find insects swarming inside their home. Termites are damaging pests that nest in soil, but can infest homes and damage the structure by feeding on wood. According ... Read More »

Will putting mulch around the foundation of my house attract termites?

Although termites sometimes feed on wood mulch, it is not a preferred food source because it has low nutritional value for them. Mulch of all kinds can create a perfect environment for termite acti... Read More »