Should I buy a house that murders were commited in 30 years ago..It was the whole family...?

Answer Yeah why not..... Make sure you lock the doors at night though.... You could be NEXT!

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If you are in a big family situation and you almost got kicked out of the house when you had sex would your parents kick you out if you're pregnant and you're 12 years old?

Answerive been in this situation before except i was the boyfriend you do really need to get help. i got kicked out for six monthes. i just got back into the house a month ago. if youre pregnant yo... Read More »

Which tv show has the episode where a killer streams his murders online and one of his murders involves covering someone in battery acid?

it comes out in America on 23rd September on CBS but dunno in the UK

I want2 have anew years eve party at my house but i dont trust any of my friends to be in my house what to do?

My husband said you need to get some new friends.If you don't trust them they don't need to be around you..Go out by yourself on New Years eve and find you some new friends...

How many years it take to become a family therapist?

im not quiet sure, but you can research it on a computer.