Should I buy a Triumph Rocket 3 touring motorcycle?

Answer On One Hand: Rocket 3 is a Fun BikeAccording to the motorcycle enthusiast magazine Motorcycle Cruiser, the Triumph Rocket 3 impresses veteran bikers with its combination of power, torque and comfor... Read More »

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I want a Triumph Rocket III, 2300 cc, £12500, but the wife is threatening Divorce if I get it. Advice?

Why this bike? A 2.3L engine is a bit extreme for a motorcycle, don't you think? He11, my car has a 1.9L engine in it. And the price... isn't that about $24,000?? Good grief man, I've heard abo... Read More »

About Motorcycle Touring Tires?

Losing traction due to bad weather, road conditions and treadwear on a long motorcycle ride is not something any rider wants to experience. Touring is a popular form of long-distance, multiple terr... Read More »

How to Change Oil in a Triumph Motorcycle?

Once the premier name in motorcycles, UK-based Triumph Motorcycles' new line of bold, distinctive motorcycles features handsome lines derived from their classic bikes. And like any other motorcycle... Read More »

Triumph Motorcycle Specs?

Triumph motorcycles were developed by a privately owned British company. The bikes are known as having distinctive, classic designs. Having gone out of business in the 1980s, Triumph was revitalize... Read More »