Should I buy EF or EF-S Canon Lenses?

Answer The higher end cameras will not support ef-s lenses because they would cause vignetting. The sensors on the 5D take up almost as much area as film does, the EF-S lenses take advantage of the fact ... Read More »

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Which Canon digital camera should you buy in order to use the old lenses from a Canon AE1?

The short answer is: "None"See the answer for the question: Are canon t70 and canon eos rebel xsi lense compatible?The Canon AE1 takes FD mount lenses. All Canon digital cameras take EF lenses. The... Read More »

How many lenses should I have for a Canon EOS system?

That would completely depend on your budget and the type of photography you intend to do. A good starting point would be a zoom lens that covers a wide to telephoto range for general photography su... Read More »

What lenses should I rent for my first wedding using a canon eos 60D?

Tough to say, as a fast midrange zoom is usually best for weddings but most are only full frame. A 17-55mm f/2.8 IS would probably be the best for the job, and it is an EF-S lens so it won't weigh ... Read More »

Is there an adapter made for the canon EOS rebel lens to allow the canon AE-1 lenses to fit the canon EOS rebel.?

Canon EOS Rebel has EF, EF-S mount and is and EOS camera, Canon AE-1 has FD mount. Yes, there is and FD-EOS adapter.