Should I buy ATI or Nvidia?

Answer Kind of a personal opinion question, but I've never had bad experiences with ATi cards. Some Nvidia cards I've had didn't play well with other components.Select cards you like from both brands then... Read More »

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Should I get the Nvidia GTX 660 TI?

If into gaming, tests show that despite lab scores of G3D matching between HD 7850 and HD 7870, the actual gaming performance in frames per second is between an HD 7950 and HD 7970.It shows AMD is ... Read More »

Which model of the Nvidia GTX 660 TI should I get?

I'm gonna answer this again :). Just get the cheapest. They're all the same! Even the OC ones are a total ripoff. You can just overclock your GPU. I have my Radeon HD 6850 on a core speed of 900Mhz... Read More »

Should I throw my Nvidia 9800gt now?

if its only 8 months old, RMA it. contact XFX and give them the serial number off the device, proof of purchase, all that good stuff and send it backthey should replace it with a same or better car... Read More »

Should I buy 2 nvidia geforce gtx 480's or get 1 670?

The GTX 480's run very hot, but should be slightly faster depending on how well the SLI scaling is on the particular game you're running. It were me, despite being a big fan of SLI, I'd go with th... Read More »