Should I buy 2 nvidia geforce gtx 480's or get 1 670?

Answer The GTX 480's run very hot, but should be slightly faster depending on how well the SLI scaling is on the particular game you're running. It were me, despite being a big fan of SLI, I'd go with th... Read More »

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Should I keep my Nvidia Geforce GT6200 Graphics card?

If you wish to use the antique computer with that old fashioned PCI video card, go ahead. I have plenty of older ones too.

Which graphic card is better-Nvidia Geforce 9400gt,Geforce 210 or an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530?

all of those card are **** cards if you plan on using them for gaming.if you dont play games and you need it for work and watching movies just buy the one that costs less,

Which graphics card should I buy ( Nvidia Geforce 9400 or 8400 )?

you would be lucky if the 9400 would even play games at high for you.i have the 8500gt in my sons computer and it wont play deadspace without lagging.go for the 9400.they are nice cards and if your... Read More »

Which setting should i use to overclock my nvidia GeForce 9800 GT for best result?

When overclocking you run the risk of damage. It's best not to overclock unless you are an expert. I have tried it a few times and it usually crashes my pc although I know how to uncrash it.