Should I be worried that I masturbate 3 times a day?

Answer Haha lucky you, that kinda thing never works for me, i need the real thing ,that just doesn't cut it for me.;)

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I like to masturbate 3 times a that bad?

I am 16 and i masturbate at least 20 times a week is that bad?

I am 15 i masturbate one time a day sometimes i masturbate but nothing comes out should i stop doing it?

no - you do it so it feels good, not for the stuff to come out at that age.. it is true that you are young as pointed out below, but that just shows that you shouldn't have that stuff coming out, y... Read More »

How many times can you urinate in a day I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.?

You may be a diabetic. It's your body's way of gettin rid of excess glucose. Check with ur DR