Should I be worried about not getting results back?

Answer Many doctors do not call you if your Pap smear is normal. Call the office and ask for your results. They belong to you.

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Worried about my lab results, what does it mean?

Your doctor has not explained things as fully as she could have. Just to be given a list of numbers is not very helpful to the average person. Can you get her to give you an advice call ? To be ref... Read More »

Worried about chest/back pains?

Very unlikely that it is a heart attack given your age and the time it has been going on.Most likely you could be getting an infection (explaining the chills/sweaty and back pain from sitting which... Read More »

Blood results back and well..?

You are fine and you know it. Please see a different kind of doctor to deal with your anxieties.

MRI Results/Back Issues?

Sandra,It seems your pain has not responded to conservative treatment, and your MD is trying to determine whether you are a candidate for spinal surgery or neurosurgery or possibly is just looking ... Read More »