Should I be worried about not getting results back?

Answer Many doctors do not call you if your Pap smear is normal. Call the office and ask for your results. They belong to you.

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I've broken my Clavicle bone yesterday, and I'm worried about me not getting my old strength back :(?

When a fracture healed usually it don't get the same strength that it had before fracture.It depend on the fracture type.Several fracture types may get full strength such as so called Linear fractu... Read More »

Should i be worried about getting HIV from someone bumping into me?

Nope! I have an uncle with AIDS, and I am around him quite often. AIDS is a very difficult virus to catch, because you have to swap blood or other body fluids (not including saliva). It is also a v... Read More »

Should I be worried about severe back pain as an 18 year old?

I just ended my period two days ago but then i had unprotected sex, should i be worried about getting pregnant?

Yes, this happened with me and my girl once, came here, read up on other sources and deemed it unwise for her not to take a Plan B if we weren't ready for a pregnancy.Given the average period(bleed... Read More »