Should I be worried about a splinter?

Answer mmm probably. maybe who knows.

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What should I do about my splinter?

Two things. First, get a straight razor blade. Place the blade under the splinter, and place your thumb on top of the splinter and try to pull it out. A razor is much finer then tweezers to get ... Read More »

Should I be worried about X-ray?

Wait to be concerned until your doctor tells you why (s)he called you in- it could be they found what's causing your pain, and it's a simple operation to fix it. That wouldn't be something to be co... Read More »

Should I Be Worried About This?

No, since it's probably a side effect of the medicine

Should I be worried about a virus?

You should virtually explore her system digitally before inserting your dongle. You should also consider using virus protection otherwise you could end up with an output error. There's a nasty viru... Read More »