Should I be worried about X-ray?

Answer Wait to be concerned until your doctor tells you why (s)he called you in- it could be they found what's causing your pain, and it's a simple operation to fix it. That wouldn't be something to be co... Read More »

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Should I Be Worried About This?

No, since it's probably a side effect of the medicine

Should I be worried about Glaucoma?

You should worry enough to go in for your visual fields.

Should i be worried about cancer?

It's VERY rare for someone your age to get a brain tumor, and the symptoms you describe don't really sound like cancer to me. Light-headedness is most commonly caused by low blood pressure, which... Read More »

How worried should I be about this?

First of all, why the heck is this in the Cancer section? It makes me so mad when people don't put things in the right categories...Second of all, remove him from your contacts immediately, block h... Read More »