Should I be put to sleep when i get my wisdom teeth out ?

Answer If it was me I would not let them use the drugVersed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure.In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" Twilight Sedation, during a procedure ... Read More »

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Did the dentist put you to sleep when you got your wisdom teeth CUT out?

I got local anesthetic , which is basically a shot to numb the area where they will be taking at the tooth. I honestly think If you are put to sleep or opt for the laughing gas that they are more r... Read More »

Do they put you too sleep when you get your wisdom teeth pulled?

No they wont. Dont worry, dentists usually give their patients something that would make the teeth/gums numb.

If you have straight but gapped teeth and your wisdom teeth have not come out yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gaps when they erupt?

It might help a little, but if your father or mother have gapped teeth, you probably will too.Answer When your wisdom teeth will come out, if you have space, they might close some gaps between your... Read More »

What is the average cost of having 3 wisdom teeth pulled if you have to be put to sleep to have it done?

Answer Out of personal experience it cost me about $2000. Cost of Having Wisdom Teeth Pulled Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers: I would say it is probably about 2000 dollars. Or more ... Read More »