Should I be out of pain 12 weeks after Metatarsalgia surgery?

Answer That sucks Mozz. My mom just had that surgery wear they scrape the side of the bone near your big toe. I don't know what it's called, but it's been a month and she is still in pain. What does your ... Read More »

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How much pain should you have eight weeks after knee replacement?

On One Hand: Surgery Recovery GuidelinesKnee replacement surgery can be very beneficial to those who undergo treatment. There are, however specific activities one must avoid doing during several w... Read More »

Unfocused vision 3 weeks after cataract surgery?

Probably your best plan is to aim for distance with your other eye and use this eye for intermediate.

Marsupialization how bad is the pain after surgery?

Pain was not bad I just had it done and I had packing in for one day and really the most painful part was pulling out the packing. I have Tylenol #3 for pain in case but surprisingly for a procedur... Read More »

Chronic knee pain after surgery?

school is definitely an option that you may consider... Look for as much justice as you can.. There are lawyers out there who advertise to get you results in trouble with Workman's comp. I had a k... Read More »