Should I be concerned that these scammers know my email address?

Answer Not heard of this one before but it sounds like a scam, no professional would tell you "you're stupid" and hang up. I would let your e-mail provider know what happened incase they know more about i... Read More »

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Who are these people on craigslist sending replies to my ads asking for my email address?

They are nothing but spammers who are phishing for email addresses so they can send you spam and scam emails and phishing scamsIf you have a Yahoo email address, within a week you'll get a fake ema... Read More »

How do I know if my email address is still active?

If you send an e-mail to an address that does not exist, after a while the server will tell you that it wasn't possible to send, ie nobody was prepared (Your School) to accept it. This however will... Read More »

How to Know the Email Address of the Person Using Friendster?

Friendster is a social networking website on which you can network with friends and grow your social circle. To search for people or contact them through Friendster, you must register with the netw... Read More »

I cant ejaculate when i have sex with a girl, Im a male, should i be concerned, im afraid that im gay?

You're most likely just nervous. A good way to "check yourself" in terms of sexuality is to track the very last thing you think about when you.... er... take matters into your own hands, and are a... Read More »