Should I be concerned about this hand pain?

Answer You're developing a repetitive strain injury. Advil or Aleve will help it, but you should pay attention to your hand position as you work.

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Splintering pain below my right foot ankle at certain angles...Should I be concerned?

this happens to me sometimes too. you might have just sprained it or strained some ligaments from too much stress. i play soccer and have played on semi pro teams and for school my whole life. unle... Read More »

Should you be concerned if you develop a pain in your upper right side when you are seven months pregnant?

Answer Probably not. If your health in general is good. Pregnancy, especially in the later stages places great stress on the entire body. Muscle aches and pains are common. It is a good idea to con... Read More »

Should you be concerned if you have a small hard fixed lump on the back left side of your neck that causes severe headaches and neck pain in that general area?

There are two things that it can be. Either you have a torn or strained muscle that is now a knot and needs to be taken care of by message or chiropractic care. Or your glands are swollen and it sh... Read More »

Top of the Hand Pain?

Top of the hand pain often results from the wearing down of or damage to the cartilage of the joints in the hand. Fortunately, this type of pain is treatable and preventable with lifestyle changes ... Read More »