Should I be ashamed?

Answer My daughter, when she was 8, had a malignant brain tumor. They were able to remove it surgically, and she went through 7 weeks of radiation. Because of this, she has a huge bald spot on the back of... Read More »

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Are you ever ashamed of others?

I hope Mz Rahi, comes and answers this too.I asked a question the other day, and I honestly way embarrassed, and ashamed of the world I live in today. Where Children are raised around greed and I w... Read More »

If i like it what should i be ashamed of?

Don't be ashamed, weed is the best source for relieving stress because it isn't addictive physically ( some weak people are addicted mentally tho) It calms you down without physically damaging Side... Read More »

Why are people ashamed of passing gas?

I suppose because it has been deemed by society as offensive.

R&P: Whoa, I'm not ashamed to like this song (plus 90s Friday everyone!)?

Hey, Lily!Actually, Green Day is my guilty pleasure band. I'm afraid to admit I like them (mostly older stuff).And I've always liked Screaming Trees I just haven't really gotten into them. Thanks f... Read More »