Should I be able to walk anytime soon?

Answer Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

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I have not been able to walk on my ankle for 2 weeks what should i do?

Go back to your doctor.You shouldn't be in that much pain.That's ridiculous.Doctor needs to do something for you.

Is Directv coming to Guam anytime soon?

Should a three year old be able to walk normally after the cast has been removed for a hairline fracture of thre growth plate at the bottom of the tibia?

First it is essential to remember that this condition is extremely rare. There has been no report of this condition before 29 weeks of gestation. Hence it is better to wait for some more time befor... Read More »

If you had unprotected sex 3 days ago and you should have started your period this week or last week how soon will you be able to tell if you're pregnant?

Answer Most of the do it your self tests work after one week of conception. Answer If your period is already late and you had sex before it was due, take a test.