Should I be a computer engineer?

Answer You sound a lot like me.What it tells me, is that you are a creative person. Contrary to popular belief, creative people can be fascinated by technique.So ponder the following:- To actually work (i... Read More »

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What's the difference between computer software engineer and computer hardware engineer?

A software engineer mostly programs computers. They know several programming languages such as C++, Java, ect. They also develop algorithms to solve problems. A hardware engineer is responsible for... Read More »

What is it like being a Hardware Engineer or Computer Engineer?

Most engineering programs are very difficult and math oriented. They aren't among the hardest majors (medical / pharmacy / law), but they are up there. As far as ease of finding a job, they are b... Read More »

What degree should I get If I want to be a computer hardware engineer (more details)?

basic knowledge?'ll get to study it in pretty much detail if u opt for comp. sci.. althougI you'll hav a far more knowledge about 'how things work'if you go for electrical and... Read More »

Job Description of a Computer Hardware Engineer?

Computer hardware engineers work on the physical components of computer systems, from planning the system concept through fabricating the prototype parts for installation. Many of the computers adv... Read More »