Should I allow my daughter to download limewire?

Answer Yes, I have never gotten a virus from limewire. You can also scan every song you download, and set it up before you get it so it always scans things, I don't think you will ever get a virus if you'... Read More »

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Should i allow my daughter to wear makeup?

Well she does have a point there doesn't she! I myself didn't start wearing makeup until late in highschool. But it seems like your daughter is taking makeup as a sort of art form/expressive outlet... Read More »

Should i download limewire or should i stay with ares?

i used to use limewire (latest PRO version), but it kept crashing & I would lose all of my download progress.I switched to bearshare (latest PRO version) and have been very happy!(One difference be... Read More »

Should i download limewire?

Don't do it, they are really cracking down on people who illegally download music.

Should i download limewire or frostwire?

NEITHER especially if you have a PC, you're just asking for a bunch of viruses, trojans, and really disorganized annoying music files that half of which won't work.You should learn how to download ... Read More »