Should I add a girl I hardly know to be a friend on Facebook?

Answer ♦ I say add her.

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Facebook users - What do you do when people you hardly know add you as a friend?

my wish ..if it's a cutie whom i wanna know more ..i accept the request ..but if he/she is some annoying creature ..i ignore the request ..(i know ..mean me..)

Just poked my gf's friend by mistake on facebook- I think. Should I own up to the friend or....?

If you feel this guilty about it that you are willing to get input from strangers, then you should probably own up, especially if it was just a mistake. I'm sure she'll understand, mistakes happen ... Read More »

If you un-friend someone on Facebook, do they know ?

They Wont Get a Notifcation but they Will Know if they Visit your Facebook and See That the add as a Friend Button Appears

If you add someone as a "close" friend on facebook do they know?

No they do not know unless you tell them or they see. Or they can assume if you like every single one of their posts, unless it's actually your close friend