Should I Start Smoking Weed?

Answer duuuude. Weed is the bomb, like this one time we ate dorritos and watched half baked and then like something crazy happened, but ugh, uhm, forgot what it was, but it was sick yo.

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Should i stop smoking weed ?

Captain Sarcasm is absolutely right, this is what it does to your brain. (That goes double for you Anonymous)…I work in rehab and have seen the young lives... Read More »

Should I quit smoking weed?

A lot of the effects of smoking marijuana are short-term, which is why many people don't see it as a big deal. These include distorted perception, loss of memory and coordination, increased heart r... Read More »

What should I know/prepare for my first time smoking weed?

Smoking and edibles arent really different so you should know what to expect, it just depends if it is Sativa or Indica.Indica are the shorter buds/plants, they usually give a sleepy, mellow, relax... Read More »

Do u think i should start smoking or start taking drugs?