Should I Soak My Wood Chips Before Putting Them Into a Cast Iron Smoker Box?

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How do I soak wood chips?

PreparationFill a bucket with the wood chips of your choice. Most commonly used chips are hickory or mesquite.Choose a FlavorCover the wood chips in the bucket with the liquid of your choice. Hot w... Read More »

Exterior Stairs Cast Iron Vs. Wood?

Adding exterior stairs to your home can add curb appeal and value to your home. Before you decide whether to use cast iron or wood, you must consider the type of staircase you want, the climate and... Read More »

How do I clean cast iron wood cook stoves?

Clean the StoveClean the stove, and remove any accessories that are inside. Use a wire brush to loosen any rust that's gathered on the stove's broad areas. Once the rust is loosened, clean the surf... Read More »

How to Season a Cast-Iron Wood Stove Cooking Surface?

Most cast-iron wood stoves, whether designed specifically for cooking or not, can be cooked upon if they have a flat top. Having a wood stove is a great addition for any family, whether you live "o... Read More »