Should I Smoke From a Bong?

Answer The funny thing is, Bongs are sold for "Tobacco Use" In his question he made no reference to smoking marijuana or partaking in illicit substances. People automatically thinking, "Oh! A Pot smoker!"... Read More »

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How to Smoke from a Bong?

A glass bongBongs are usually associated with marijuana but it can also be used for smoking tobacco. Whatever substance you are using this is how to smoke from a bong.

Will the smell of weed still be on your clothes if you smoke out of a bong?

yes.. obviously cause your outside your clothes wont smell as much but its still smoke, your clothes are obviously going to absorb it.

Where can I find a bong repair place/glass blower who will fix my bong for a good price?

It may not be worth fixing. You might go out and buy a different one.

How far should a smoke detector be placed from a recessed light?

Install smoke alarms at least 12 inches from any light fixtures. They should also not be put near any sources of heat, such as a kitchen or fireplace, which may accidentally set them off. This giv... Read More »