Should I Shut-Down My Computer At Night Or Leave It On?

Answer Shut it down. Global warming and all.

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Should I leave the computer on all the time or shut it down when it's not going to be used for several hours?

save energy, shut it down. disk drives, cooling fans are mechanical devices, so the longer they are running the faster they will wear out.

Is it better to leave my computer on all day or to shut it of when im down?

My desktop has been on for 4 years with no sleep and only shut off with updates. Not a big deal either way.

Is it okay to shut down my computer every night ?

It is absolutely fine. The hard drive is unaffected by closing down. In fact it saves it a little wear and tear not having to operate and gives the cooling fans a rest too. Saves you electricity.Pu... Read More »

Why is it a good idea to shut down your computer for the night?

One reason to shut down your computer is to save electricity. If everyone shuts down their computer, then less energy is used, thus natural resources last longer. When you shut down your computer, ... Read More »