Should I Rinse Basmatti Rice Before Cooking?

Answer Cooks can't agree as to whether you should rinse your Basmati rice before cooking or not. Rinsing rice before it's cooked removes the starch from the surface of each grain and keeps the rice from s... Read More »

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How to Rinse Rice Before Cooking?

There is some debate over whether it is necessary to rinse rice before cooking it. However, according to Fine Cooking writer Niloufer King, cleaning the rice removes any talc, which some mills outs... Read More »

Will toasting rice before cooking reduce the insulin spike?

Well, you are wrong about both the things.1) Belly fat is mainly caused by eating too many simple sugars: Wrong (but not completely)Excess fat is caused by intaking more energy than spending it. Wh... Read More »

Why do japanese wash their rice so many times before cooking it,what is the reason any benefit from it?

Traditionally Japanese washed their rice to purify the flavor and to remove any impurities remaining in the dry rice but for now, people wash to remove excessive starch clinging to the outside of t... Read More »

How Do I Steam Vegetables at the Same Time as Cooking Rice in the Aroma Steamer and Rice Cooker?

Aroma rice cookers are versatile, multipurpose kitchen appliances suitable for family households and college students. The rice cookers use steam to cook food; when water is heated just above the b... Read More »