Should I Practice Using Tampons?

Answer Never, ever use insert a tampon when you are not on your period. The tampon will absorb your vagina's natural lubricant and cause you to be very dry/itchy/sore. Tampons should never need to go in w... Read More »

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Is 13 too young to start using tampons?

no way. You can use whatever makes you feel the most comfortable during that wonderful time of the month...

Using tampons for the first time...?

Most likely you will just buy regular tampons. They come in light, regular, heavy, and super. You can probably tell how heavy your own period is.If your a petite woman then you might want slender t... Read More »

First time using tampons Help?

Don't pull it out fast and wait for it to get some blood on it before you take it out or else you'll feel like you're ripping your vagina out. Happened to me when I panicked. OUCH. But yeah, jus... Read More »

My 11 yr. old just started her period. Should she start out with pads or tampons( Dad wants to know)?

Let her decide. Tell her she can try pads or tampons. Tell her how to use both, and let her try it herself, but do explain the dangers of tampons, too, and how to correctly insert them and the prop... Read More »