Should I Let a Baby Sleep If He Hits His Head?

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If baby hits head while sittingcries for sometime?

If you are asking what to do then you should pick him/her up and calm him/her down with a soothing tune and soft blanket and a nice kiss on the head. works every time, just don't do it too fast. Ni... Read More »

How long does baby have to wait to sleep after hitting head?

My mother always said that you had to wait an hour and that was confirmed by a doctor some years later, but, we have a nurse call line that is 24 hours so that, in case you don't want to go to the ... Read More »

How come when Curly Howard hits his head sometimes he becomes more intelligent?

Eh!?You got me there LOL(((BEAR HUGS T)))

If a teacher hits you on the head with their hand is it legal?

Im not sure, but you can sue her/him and she/he can get fired. Its child abuse so she/he can get in big trouble!