Should I Get a Portable GPS or One Built Into a Car?

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Is it possible to make a built in dishwasher a portable one?

Can you make a built in dishwasher into a portable one?

Yes, I've done it myself.You'll need to remove the feet from the frame and add castors. (Little wheels that swivel.)Build a 3 sided box out of paneling and a piece of countertop for a top.The setup... Read More »

How do you attach a portable hose kit to a built in dishwasher?

Unplug, then use whatever you have available. Once unplugged you can use water w/o any risk, although a CO2 or a powder extinguisher would be a bettter choice. If you have the possibility you may a... Read More »

Is it possible to bridge a Portable T-Mobile Laptop stick(portable modem) to a wireless router using windows7?

That's not true, wifi bridges are only use to expand your wifi beyond the range of your wifi router.