Should I Cut the Bud Off My Rhododendron Cutting?

Answer The deep green leaves of a rhododendron bush set off the brilliant color of the spring blooms. Rhododendron bushes set the flower buds in the fall for the next season. Propagate the bushes by seeds... Read More »

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When should rhododendron be pruned?

The best time to prune large-leaved rhododendrons is early spring. Usually, little pruning is needed unless the rhododendron needs to be cut back because of space issues or for maintenance, shaping... Read More »

Should I stop cutting my wrist?

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Should i sand my cutting board?

On One Hand: Cheaper Than Buying a New OneA quality cutting board made of quality wood or bamboo may be worth saving. If the damage to it is mainly surface damage, (i.e. no deep groves or splitting... Read More »

Should you season a new wooden cutting board?

On One Hand: Health and Aesthetic BenefitsWood is a naturally dry, porous material, which can crack easily. It is also vulnerable to infestations of mold and bacteria. Since cutting boards regularl... Read More »