Should I Cut the Bud Off My Rhododendron Cutting?

Answer The deep green leaves of a rhododendron bush set off the brilliant color of the spring blooms. Rhododendron bushes set the flower buds in the fall for the next season. Propagate the bushes by seeds... Read More »

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Which kind of cutting board is safest for cutting meat&poultry?

According to studies done at UC Davis, both plastic and wood cutting boards are safe, provided they are scrubbed with hot water and soap. In the case of scarring because of a sharp knife, wood actu... Read More »

What's the difference between cutting and rooted cutting for a plant?

well one is rooted and one is not.if you have never "cloned" before, I would get the rooted one, then maybe even buy a couple cuttings and try to root them yourself. getting a cutting to root is r... Read More »

Why bleach a cutting board after cutting raw chicken?

Raw chicken can contain harmful bacteria that is killed when cooked thoroughly. A cutting board that has been used to cut raw chicken can contaminate other food. Bleach disinfects cutting boards by... Read More »

How to Prune a PJM Rhododendron?

The PJM rhododendron is an evergreen shrub, but instead of having green leaves all through the year, its leaves are mahogany bronze during the winter and flowering season. In the summer, the folia... Read More »