Should I Clean My Gauged Ears With Alcohol?

Answer Turn signal flashers are small, metal canisters containing an interrupt and clicker for the turn signal circuit. When you activate your turn signals, the signal goes through the flasher, which cuts... Read More »

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How to Close Gauged Ears?

Have you gauged your ears and now want them to go back to how they were? Well, there's not too many options, save two: one expensive; the other priceless.

Stretched/gauged ears bleeding?

take the plugs/tapers out and clean them.go for a hot shower. clean the lobes and then dry them. then put the 10g in for 2 weeeks.clean them atleast every 2 daysHope this helps

How does alcohol dry ears?

Ears are often taken for granted, but when an ear is infected or not taken care of it can be irritating and even painful. Certain precautionary measures can keep your ears healthy.PurposeAlcohol he... Read More »

If you swim have problems with your ears and are pregnant is it safe to use rubbing alcohol to help?

Answer If it is something on the outside like on the skin of your ears yes but on the inside no You might hurt your ears this wayYou are much better using some light oil (almond) on the inside.You... Read More »