Should I Chug Inside or Outside?

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How to Chug a Beer?

Do your friends make disparaging remarks about your masculinity whenever you fail to chug a beer? Do you feel the need to prove your virility by downing beers faster than any of your buddies? Read ... Read More »

How to Chug Water?

Chugging too much water may kill you because doing so can cause an electrolyte imbalance, but in moderation, it can be done with little risk. That said, even a very small risk of dying is not worth... Read More »

How to chug without spilling?

Don't tip the glass back so far. Let it flow into your mouth, don't try to slurp it in. Make sure you breathe. Don't try to chug so fast you choke or forget to breathe. BTW, chugging room temperatu... Read More »

Is it possible to chug a gallon of milk?

While it is possible to chug a gallon of milk (usually within the hour time limit of popular milk-chugging challenges), the human stomach can only hold at most a half gallon of fluid and will rejec... Read More »