Should I Buy More RAM or a new Video Card?

Answer Honestly you need both.I would buy more RAM 1st.

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RAM or Video Card What effects Lag more?

Games will lag more from having a worse video card , If you want to play skyrim , then upgrade the VIDEO CARD because thats going to have a much much higher impact on skyrim then just upgrading ram... Read More »

Having a video card better then having no card at all and more questions!?

That depends, but in most cases the answer is Yes. It seems like that would be the case here. Q1) No, most likely not. You will have to use the HDMI port on the graphics card, or a miniHDMI to HDMI... Read More »

Which is more important for building a PC...the CPU or Video card ?

Both are Vital . But the Vitally varies dependingon the application for which u are going to use your machine for.Like if u are going to run Business application like Eord/excel powerpoint and inte... Read More »

What video card should I get?

For gaming you are going to want a tad more RAM. Id say 2g is safe but 4g is really nice. Realistically though it seems to be not that much of a change from 2-4 gigs of RAM. As far as anything I h... Read More »